Dear Guests,
Due to COVID19, we had to make some changes to our normal functioning. To ensure your safety, we adopt the recommendations of the DGS. We obtained the seal of tourism in Portugal - "Save & Clean".
COVID-19: Contingency Plan
We inform all our customers that Casa do Largo-Golegã will take the following measures to prevent Covid-19 in order to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone:
Individual protection plan:
✓ No contact in compliance
✓ Friction with alcoholic hydra solution after each manual contact
✓ Distance of 1 meter for all people and 4 meters for patients or suspects.
✓ Avoid clusters.
✓ Anyone who has a fever, cough or difficulty breathing should be considered a suspected case
✓ Use of mandatory mask in case of suspicion
✓ If there is a necessary contact with someone sick, mandatory use of FP2 mask
What we do to protect you:
✓ Dispensers with antiseptic solution available in all areas of the unit;
✓ Public toilets are prepared with disposable paper towels and liquid soap in dispensers;
✓ Cleaning and disinfection of contact surfaces in public areas with bleach (sodium hypochlorite solution) in a concentration of at least 5% free chlorine, and 70º alcohol, for metallic or other surfaces that are not compatible with the bleach .
✓ Accommodation units completely disinfected with recommended antiseptic products;
✓ The aeration of the unit is guaranteed by a daily plan for areas, guaranteeing the renewal of the air at least three times a day.
✓ Defined location for isolation in suspected or confirmed cases. Room with WC and living area, ventilated, with direct access to the outside and properly equipped - ROOM A
✓ In food and beverage services, such as breakfast, we guarantee that all items of shared food service (service cutlery, juice jars, bread knife, etc.) have been replaced by alternatives for individual use.
✓ Breakfast service with a minimum distance of 80 cm between customers;
In case of the presence of a sick person or suspected of being ill by COVID-19 at Casa do Largo - Golegã (CL) we will act:

✓ The sick person must not leave the CL. You must stay in your room and call the professionals in the hotel's administrative area, so that they can call the SNS24 line (808 24 24 24) who will assess the case and contact the Local Health Authority;
✓ You should not go to the health center, private office or the hospital emergency room;
✓ Wait for the instructions of the health professionals who will assist you and the clinical decision;
✓ Distribution of surgical mask to the sick or suspected person;
✓ The Local Health Authority may choose to send the person to the reference Hospital in the area or not, depending on the patient's clinical situation;
✓ In suspected cases of COVID-19, the cleaning and clothing professionals waited for the result of the laboratory diagnosis to confirm the suspected or not suspected case, before starting the procedures for removing the clothes and cleaning;
We created an Action Plan with action procedure in case a suspect arises with Covid-19.
We thank you all for your understanding. Our security depends on the responsibility of all of us to comply with the establishment by DGS.
The Casa do Largo-Golegã team
Thank you



If you are interested in getting to know our contingency plan or the internal rules in more detail, you can view: CONTINGENCIA PLANO COVID19 | INTERNAL RULES